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Avrupa’da çare bulamadı, İstanbul’da sağlığına kavuştu

Almanya, Belçika, İsviçre ve Fransa’da doktor doktor dolaşan fakat hastalığına çare bulamayan Bal, izlediği sağlık programı sayesinde hastalığının tedavisi olduğunu öğrendi. Türkiye’ye gelen Muharrem Bal, vitreolizis yöntemiyle sağlığına kavuştu.

Muharrem Bal, a 45-year-old living in Belgium.:

I've had this problem of eye floaters for 15-20 years. I saw this treatment on a television program. I didn't know there was a laser treatment before. I learned that it is treated with vitreolysis for those like me who have this problem in their eyes. After that, it caught my interest.
Muharrem Bal

It has been said that there is no cure for the disease

Muharrem Bal, who stated that he visited many doctors in Belgium, expressed his disappointment as follows: “When we learned that the treatment for my illness was in Turkey, my wife and I started researching. We went to a doctor in Belgium. The doctor said, ‘It’s not a big deal. You will continue with your life this way. There is no cure.’ I felt disappointed when I heard this. I told my wife, ‘I want to go to Istanbul and get treatment.’ After that, I focused on Istanbul.”

Eye Floaters - Sample image

"I believed in Turkish doctors, trusted them. I am very happy."

Muharrem Bal said, “Atatürk said, ‘Entrust me to Turkish doctors.’ I believed in and trusted Turkish doctors, and now I am very happy. I made an appointment with Prof. Dr. Tayfun Bavbek. Two sessions of treatment were applied to my right eye and three sessions to my left eye. I am very well now. I don’t even have any pain. Previously, when I looked at a wall or anything in the distance, there were lines, dots, or eye floaters in front of my eyes. Now, they are gone. These devices are not available in Belgium. There is not even a diagnosis. If there were, my doctor would have said, ‘It exists in this region; go there,’ but he didn’t. I am glad I got treated in my country.”

Images of Eye Floaters in the Eye

Prof. Dr. Tayfun Bavbek: We Eliminated the Floaters.

Eye Health and Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Tayfun Bavbek from Batıgöz Health Group, who restored Muharrem Bal’s health with the vitreolysis method, said, “Our patient approached us due to floaters in his eyes. He did not have any cataracts, eye pressure, or glaucoma. His retina was also extremely healthy. He expressed to us that these floaters had been bothering him for years; he had visited doctors in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and France, but no solution could be found. He mentioned learning that he could get rid of this issue from watching a television program. Upon this, I explained to him that we could vaporize and eliminate these floaters in the eyes with short bursts of high energy using a laser device called vitreolysis. I explained that this is actually due to vitreous shrinkage, which occurs in many people as the gel inside the eye, called vitreous, loses its fluid with age. We treated his right eye with two sessions and left eye with three sessions, eliminating the floaters. Our patient returned to Belgium extremely healthy and happy,” he said.

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