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Comfortable, high-quality eye treatment in the heart of Istanbul

Our main goal is to pursue success to the very end..

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Prof. Dr. Tayfun Bavbek

Do not overlook the invisible danger! Glaucoma, an increase in fluid pressure inside the eye… See more

Quality eye care service in the heart of the Anatolian Side

With the power of knowledge, accumulation, and expertise, we have been providing the best healthcare services in this region for about 25 years. To see the happiness in your eyes...
Tayfun Bavbek and His Team

Specialized and supportive health care

We combine 25 years of experience and expertise with a human-centered service approach.

We bring a new perspective to your life with our principle of medical excellence and our expert team.

We provide solutions to your eye problems with our human-centered and reassuring approach. 

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My father needed to have a cataract surgery, and despite living in a different city, we wanted to have the operation performed on him. Our surgery went smoothly, the recovery process was more comfortable than we expected, and now my father has regained his healthy vision. We are very thankful to our doctor.

I am currently 17 years old, and I first had an examination with him when I was 9 months old. Since that day, I visit him regularly twice a year. Tayfun Bavbek has the ability to comfort and send his patients home happy, and of course, he has an unwavering warmth that has remained unchanged for years.

Am in treatment in this clinic with Prof. dr. Tayfun Bavbek ... Feels absolutely in the best hands and so was my first treatment. Professional and with relatively short waiting times. This doctor is so pleasantly friendly and you feel as comfortable as rarely in a clinic.

Convenient, quality medical care in the heart of NYC

London’s favourite private GP service providing excellence in care at two Central London locations since 1998. Let the Harley Street Health Centre take care of you.

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Early Diagnosis

Eye Examination in Children

Early diagnosis and treatment of vision problems in children are crucial because children respond to treatment more quickly during this period. Conditions such as strabismus, lazy eye, congenital cataracts, and congenital glaucoma benefit from more effective solutions when diagnosed as early as possible.

Almanya, Belçika, İsviçre ve Fransa’da doktor doktor dolaşan fakat hastalığına çare bulamayan Bal, izlediği sağlık …

Keratokonus, sağlıklı bir görmenin en önemli parçalarından olan korneanın, öne doğru sivrilmesine verilen isimdir. Bu …

Kornea, gözün en dış kısmında bulunan kubbe şeklinde saydam yapıya verilen isimdir. Korneanın göz için …


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We are here with agreements with all major health insurance companies.

Is there an emergency? You can reach us at 0542 124 1550. 

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